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Thank you for your interest in our ISLAND SEASONINGS.  We are delighted to introduce our Hawaiian Salt Seasonings in Original, Chili Pepper, and Hawaiian Smoke blends.  Our seasonings and rubs consist of over 12 assorted quality spices creating a unique gourmet blend of ingredients with No MSG.  These seasonings offer a much healthier alternative to regular table salt, because of it's lower sodium content.  These seasonings and rubs will bring out the best in all your foods while tenderizing your meats.

The package size shown is a 8oz clear bottle with pressure sealed color coded flapper caps that are convenient for easy pouring.  You will experience these seasonings and rubs a wonderful enhancement in all your cooking and recipes.  So versatile they can be used on all types of meats, steaks, poultry and fish.  Also great for stews, soups, salads and vegetables.  Start being creative again and let your tastebuds be your guide!